LIFE University

LIFE Management Group’s Proven Career Agent Training and Certification Program Provides You with the Tools for Success

You don’t have to have previous experience in the insurance industry to join the LIFE Management Group team as a career agent. If you have a strong work ethic, self-discipline, and a true passion for helping others, you already have a solid foundation for success as a LIFE Management Group Career Agent. After conducting an interview with a member of our management team, you’ll be ready for the LIFE Management Group Training and Certification Program. And when you’ve fulfilled the initial training period, you’ll begin meeting with your pre-qualified clients that you’ve acquired through the LIFE Management Group Leads Program.

At LIFE Management Group, we are fully committed to our agents’ long-term success. We invest in your career through PAID training and ongoing mentoring and support.

After completing the LIFE Management Group training program career agents earn on average $1,800 per week within the first few months!